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055 Interview: Unwoman

November 14, 2014

I had the opportunity to interview Unwoman (aka Erica Mulkey) after her performance in St. Paul this week. Get up to speed on some of Unwoman's more recent works and listen to the interview. She discusses her musical background, her thoughts on Spotify and streaming services, her songwriting process, steampunk, and more.


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Full Notes & Playlist

Visit the Episode 55 page to view full show notes, including the playlist and links.


049 Dragon*CON Music and Tales

I've survived another Dragon*CON and have returned with a large amount of new and new-to-me music. [Download]

Julien-kSysteme De SexeDeath to Analog
FreezepopWe Don't Have Normal LivesImaginary Friends
George HrabMs. InformationTrebuchet
Die SektorBleed Till the Last Light FlickersApplied Structure in a Void
SONOIONot Worth RememberingBlue
Apoptygma Berzerk
I:ScintillaDrag AlongMarrow 1
Carved SoulsBroken SoulWaveform
As/OfAble DangerAs/Of
Binary ParkSilence is SpeakingWorlds Collide
AyriaGirl on the FloorHearts for Bullets
Abney Park
Mindless FaithElectronic Saviors 2
Ego LikenessThirty-Year WarBreedless
theSTARTFixCiao, Baby
Croc ShopShowed MeSEA
Psy'AviahOn My OwnIntrospection Extrospection

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48 More Fangirl Flail

Finally, after re-recording this episode three times, I bring you the ultimate in fangirl flail...A look at my trip to the UK to see Garbage four times. Yes, there is something wrong with me. There are several Garbage songs on this episode, mostly live soundboard recordings, along with music from UK tour openers The Jezabels from Sydney. I also play brand new music from GoFight, Lunic, Icon of Coil and Blindness, a band I have recently falling in love with. And if you're looking for some North American tour news, look no farther - there are a few fall tours besides Garbage that I'm pretty excited about. [Download]

BlindnessConfessionsConfessions E.P.
The DreamingStitchesPuppet
Local HCooler HeadsNo Fun E. P.
for all the emptinessI Die (Revisionist Mix By Cyanotic)Electronic Saviors 2: Recurrence
GoFightPeacemaker (Discostep Mix) 
GarbageVowLive at the Meklweg, Amsterdam, 1995
GarbageOnly Happy When It RainsLive in Moscow, Russia, 2012-05-12
Garbage#1 CrushLive in Moscow, Russia, 2012-05-12
GarbageControlNot Your Kind of People
The JezabelsHurt MeShe's So Hard - EP
VASTFalling From the SkyTurquoise & Crimson
GodheadCravingPower Tool Stigmata
LunicWarFuture Sex Drama
:wumpscut:Wreath of BarbsWreath of Barbs
Icon of CoilPerfect Sex 

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047 Featured Artist & Interview: Thira

I'm back from my UK adventure and have finally been able to post the interview with Minneapolis industrial-metal band Thira. We talk about Thira's intense and dynamic stage show, riffing the lights, writing music around a laptop..naked, Grand Funk Railroad, and sister bands. This show is HEAVY, but to those faint of heart, don't let that deter was a very fun interview and there's also new music from Ayria, Garbage, Thought Thieves and Santa Hates You to round out the set. [Download]

X-RxAssholesStage 2
ThiraReleaseThe Ascension Construct EP
ThiraThe CorrodedThe Ascension Construct EP
GojiraOver the FlowsThe Link
ThiraLeft to KneelThe Ascension Construct EP
ThiraSinking EarthThe Ascension Construct EP
VNV NationSpace & TimeAutomatic
AyriaHungerPlastic Makes Perfect
Santa Hates YouPack Your Bags Honey, We're Going to HellElectronic Saviors 2: Recurrence
Thought ThievesWorlds ApartParasite
Static ImageApocalipsRegardless of Image
GarbageThe OneNot Your Kind of People (Deluxe)

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046 Automatic Systematic Habit

More new Garbage on this episode and info on a Minneapolis Not Your Kind of People album release party, new music from the Electronic Saviors 2 compilation and Electronic Saviors release shows across the US. Also Aesthetic Perfection, Howard Jones and Icon of Coil North American tour info, COMA Music Magazine joins the Department of Evil, and hear about how I've gone completely insane. [Download]

TenekA World Of No ReliefElectronic Saviors 2: Recurrence
OncetheSunThe Day You Said Goodbye8 Degrees Below
Thought ThievesRemorseKrista
Cellmod, You ShriekWithout You (Stripped & Frozen Mix by You Shriek)Adevolve: Re-Evolved
Robots in DisguiseDon't GoHappiness V Sadness
Method CellScissors (RPS Mix)WTII Records 2012 Free Sampler
GarbageAutomatic Systematic HabitNot Your Kind of People
CombichristThis Sh*t Will Fuck You UpEverybody Hates You
UCNXGeneration DamagedGeneration Damaged
IAMXYour Joy Is My LowKiss + Swallow
CSSYou Could Have It AllLa Liberacion
23rainydaysMonsterElectronic Saviors 2: Recurrence
NeuroactiveNever Felt BetterElectronic Saviors 2: Recurrence
Go FightPussygrinderTBD
Ink Dot BoyCircleBeautiful Murder
KidneythievesUnderneathThe Invisible Plan
Killing JokeTabazanNight Time

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045 Return

I'm back with lots of great new music after a much too long break. On this episode, I talk about where I've been, fangirl about Garbage and play tons of new music. [Download]

Icon of CoilExistence In ProgressMachines Are Us
GarbageBlood for PoppiesNot Your Kind of People
Goodnight CriminalsErrorLiars, Thieves, and Pretenders
Screaming Mechanical BrainAny Resemblance to Persons Living or Dead is Purely ConcidenceIn Defiance of Science
The Joy FormidableI Don't Want To See You Like ThisThe Big Roar
ThiraThe CorrodedThe Ascension Construct EP
MonodyIn BetweenElectronic Saviors 2: Recurrence
VTGI Can't Breathe (VTG Remix)Dance Floor Game (Remixed)
Is/IsBomb MeIII
GarbageBattle In MeLive at the El Rey 2012-04-10
Sensuous EnemyRe:MissionElectronic Saviors 2: Recurrence
BradleyBear Attack!Music is My Suicide Prevention
32CRASHThe Man Who Came From LaterMatrix Downloaded 001
Sleigh BellsComeback KidReign of Terror
School of Seven BellsLafayeGhostory

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044 Riders in the Dirt

Ever wonder where the name of the show comes from? The answer lies in this episode's featured track. There's also a ton of new music from Left Spine Down, Cyanotic, Killing Joke, Jordan Reyne, Miss Fd, Mindless Faith and The Dreaming. Support these great bands and buy their music!


ScandyCrush on a Robot13 Ways to Masturbate
Miss FdInfatuatedInfatuated - Single
Psy'AviahHuman GarbageIntrospection Extrospection
Mindless FaithNo Saints Allowed*Just Defy
The DreamingSolo CrucifixionPuppet
Dressed in DecayTo Chase a Waking DreamDressed in Decay
GarbageAll the Good in This LifeSongs for Tibet - The Art of Peace
CyanoticMonochrome Skies [Grey Version]MedPack Vol. 1
Killing JokeChange (live)Down By the River
Jordan ReyneA Healer's Folly (live)Children of a Factory Nation
Skinny PuppyTin Omen (Doomsday Live)Doomsday (Back & Forth Vol. 5 LIVE
Left Spine DownThe Truth is a LieCaution
Sneaker PimpsBlue MovieBloodsport
Angels on AcidHaunt MeBlood Sweat and Tears
Cwn AnnwnCloak of ShadowsThe Alpha and the Omega
Sleater-KinneyNight LightThe Woods

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043 Sharing the Christmas Bounty

The Holidays and a cold delayed this episode a bit, but it's here! I received a lot of great new music for Christmas and I play tracks from most of the CDs I received. In addition, there's a bunch of other new music from Goodnight Criminals, Lunic and Makaras Pen. Got some global tour news for Emilie Autumn, some comments on a blog post I wrote for about the state of the Twin Cities darkwave music (I'd really like to hear from you on this). Also some notes from a couple of recent live shows I attended. [Download]

LunicFar AwayFar Away (single)
Emilie AutumnSwallowOpheliac
Shiv-RPharmaceutical GradeThis World Erase
iVardensphereCracked Earth (Feat. I:Scintilla)Apok
Goodnight CriminalsCageLiars, Thieves and Pretenders
Noblesse ObligeCracks on the WallMalady
The SevateemBlastTBD
The RopeJerichoThe Rope EP
distaudioSee Speak ScreamMilieu Control
The Joy FormidableA Heavy AbacusThe Big Roar
The Last DanceWish Me CloserOnce Beautiful
Gabriel and the ApocalypseHere Comes the CrashNew World Disaster
OBCTThe LectureSurvived By
Android LustSaint OverThe Human Animal
Makaras PenIllusionsA Petal Among Bricks
Left Spine DownOn The Other SideCaution
Depeche ModeSo Cruel(Ǎhk-to͝ong Bāy-Bi) Covered

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042 Welcome to Your Holiday

2011 was a great year for music and this episode is packed with 2011 releases, including brand new music from The Dreaming, Garbage, Violet Winter, Oh So, Cellmod and VNV Nation. I talk a little about promo for No Fate Convention and plug some fantastic geek podcasts (Midwest Nerds, The Inside Outcast, Geektress). There's also a big announcement in store and a reminder about the giveaway running through December 23. Happy Holidays and be safe! [Download]

IAMXCold Red LightVolatile Times
Violet WinterExosphereExosphere
OncetheSunLights in the Darkness8 Degrees Below
The DreamingEnd In TearsPuppet
Pop Inc Vs UCKFHollywood KillsTC Electropunk Vol 6
Oh SoDance (synth mix)Erotic One
VTGNever Say IDance Floor Game
Marazene MachineWelcome To Your Holiday (noisrev) 
Cellmod, MangadriveHunting Salvation (Mangadrive Remix)Adevolve: Re-Evolved
VNV NationStreamlineAutomatic
My Life with the
Thrill Kill Kult
Kooler Than JesusKooler Than Jesus
PeachesShake Yer DixFatherfucker
Robots In DisguiseLa NuitGet RID!
The BlacklightLove KillsTC Electropunk Vol 6
e-gensI Can Touch The SunMusic for the Rising Sun Part V
GarbageWho's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses(Ǎhk-to͝ong Bāy-Bi) Covered

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041 It's Electropunk

I'm back and I have an extremely diverse episode for your listening pleasure - everything from powernoise to apocalyptic folk. There's brand new music from The Dreaming, Kidneythieves, Jordan Reyne and Psy'Aviah and I cover the Twin Cities Electropunk compilation and CD release show in detail. And for something completely different, I discuss Butch Vig's Devonshire Mixes of Nirvana's Nevermind album, complete with a side by side comparison of clips from the album mix to the Butch Vig mix of Breed. I also announce a giveaway running through December 23. [Download]

The DreamingEvery TracePuppet
CSSCity GrrlLa Liberacion
KidneythievesThe Invisible PlanThe Invisible Plan
DRTY LVRSR3D (radio mix)R3D
The Light AsylumBloodlet
Jordan ReyneA Woman ScornedChildren of a Factory Nation
Psy'AviahWired LifeIntrospection Extrospection
Vernian ProcessSomething Wicked (That Way Went) 
UCNXThe InnocentGeneration Damaged
Hate BeastThrill of the HuntBlade Swings Down
TerrorfaktArsenalCold Steel World
The Mad PrideCerberus*Hi Aphrodite
The TrapezoidsSomething in My EyeTC Electropunk Vol. 6
AlbuterolMineTC Electropunk Vol. 6
AvenpitchSt. Vitus DanceTC Electropunk Vol. 6
OBCTGreat Ideas Run AmokTC Electropunk Vol. 6
As|OfDead Inside (Stemware Remix by The Dark Clan)TC Electropunk Vol. 6
AiboforcenShadowsMatrix Downloaded 001

*Correction: The Mad Pride song I played is called "Cerberus", not "Insane" as previously stated and noted in the chapter in the m4a file. There was an error in the ID3 tag of the file.

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040 Gotta Get Mad

Lots of new music, not much talking. I did too much talking last time. Brand new Ladytron, Oh So, Dragonfly Lingo (Cellmod remix), Angelspit. Live Stabbing Westward. No Fate Con news and an announcement from guest Roxy Bisquaint. News about The Dreaming, a great upcoming show in Madison and more! [Download]

LadytronMirageGravity the Seducer
Violet WinterAbuse MeViolet Winter
Razed in BlackLustSacrificed
Sensuous EnemyOverFragments
Psy'AviahOkMatrix Downloaded 001
Stabbing WestwardNothingLive at Summerfest 1998
AngelspitCatatonicHello My Name Is
Stiff ValentinePit BossAmerica Bleeding
Gabriel and the ApocalypseSilent WarNew World Disaster
Virgins O.R. PigeonsGotta Get MadMatrix Downloaded 001
The Light AsylumDying in Your False Reality 
Oh SoEroticErotic One
Mankind is ObsoleteDays Gone ByManic Recession
Dragonfly LingoAll Right (Anodized Mix by Cellmod)All Right

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039 Dragon*CON: The Aftermath Pt. 2

This episode was recorded and assembled over the course of almost a month. I finish up my ramblings about Dragon*CON and play a bunch of music I purchased at the convention and tracks inspired by the convention. I promise I will not mention Dragon*CON again for another year. Also on this episode is brand new Gabriel and the Apocalypse, who are touring with Amercian Head Charge this month, and two fantastic covers of Nirvana and Depeche Mode.[Download]

The Brian Schram BandSuper Hero FashionDisturbing the Peace
Concrete BlondeBloodletting (The Vampire Song)Bloodletting - 20th Anniversary
Edition (Remastered)
Autumn CannibalsMy Hero MindSolo
Abney ParkUntil the Day You DieAEther Shanties
Panic LiftWhen Euphoria EndsTriton Festival 2010
CelldwellerLouder Than WordsTriton Festival 2010
AyriaGirl on the FloorHearts for Bullets
AyriaDisease (Armageddon Dildos Mix)Debris bonus
Gabriel and the ApocalypseWhen the World DisappearsNew World Disaster
DissociateConned with HooksDECImate!
16voltWe DisintegrateBeating Dead Horses
CylabHeart Shaped BoxDisseminate
Velvet Acid ChristFutileFun with Knives
Hail the NightHail the NightDemonology
Headscan + ImplantWetwiredUturn 2 - An Exploration in Techno
VASTDirty HoleVisual Audio Sensory Theater
Unter NullEverything CountsAlfa Matrix Recovered: A Tribute
to Depeche Mode Vol. 2

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038 Dragon*CON: The Aftermath Pt. 1 & Siberia My Sweet Interview

Vacations for me are few and far between, but I was able to venture to Atlanta over Labor Day weekend for Dragon*CON, a big nerd convention/party. Here's part 1 of the weekend, including an interview with the awsome up and coming band Siberia My Sweet. [Download]

AngelspitVerminHello My Name Is
Siberia My SweetFactoryAlone EP
Siberia My SweetWith MeAlone EP
Autumn CannibalsMurderer MineSolo
The Last DanceDistantlyOnce Beautiful
Bella MorteLine of SightBefore the Flood
Madness of MonkeysOnly HumanDisdainful
Army of the UniverseLovedeadMother Ignorance
IAMXCold Red LightVolatile Times
Jordan ReyneLetters HomePassenger
File Transfer ProtocolThe Singularity
MaqluXVI The TowerThe Maqlu Tarot

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037 Dragon*CON 2011 Preview

Dragon*CON is just around the corner and this episode features music from the scheduled performers I am most excited to see (yes, I'm going this year!). Featured track is Alone by Siberia My Sweet, a Dragon*CON performer. Also, a teaser from Garbage's new album, Shirley Manson on Craig Ferguson, tour news for Android Lust / Roughhausen / I Parasite, and upcoming CD release shows for Funeral and the Twilight and Gabriel and the Apocalypse. [Download]

16voltWe DisintegrateBeating Dead Horses
Army of the Universe8 FlowersMother Ignorance
Dope Stars Inc.Get YoungUltrawired
Robots in DisguiseLady & the FliesHappiness v Sadness
RoughhausenControlAgony of the Beat
Android LustInto the SunThe Human Animal
Siberia My SweetAloneAlone EP
Abney ParkAirship PirateLost Horizons
Attention SystemResistant TransitorWait for My Signal
Bella MorteFalling StarBefore the Flood
AyriaMy DeviceFlicker
FreezepopDoppelganger (single)Imaginary Friends
The Last DanceMysteryStaring at the Sky
The CruxshadowsBirthdayDreamCypher
Gabriel and the ApocalypseHaunted for a DecadeInto the Afterglow

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036 Summer Tours, Drummers and iPhones

Cellmod's new ep Nanomaquina is out. I discuss his unique approach to writing and recording and also play a brand new track. Minneapolis industrial metal band Thira has a brand new single out (attn drummers: they're looking). I also play new music also from Ladytron, The Rope and Dragonfly Lingo. Lots of summer tour info on this episode. Support the bands - go out and see some live music! [Download]

Anders MangaTolerateBlood Lush
Emilie AutumnMisery Loves CompanyOpheliac
The RopeEyes (Live at the 400 Bar,
The Rope
The Crystalline EffectWhen You're Asleep (Remix)Fxxk The Mainstream: Vol 1
LadytronWhite ElephantWhite Elephant
Velvet Acid ChristTripped OutThe Art of Breaking Apart
ThiraRelease (demo version)Release (single)
You're PrettyFind YourselfBeautiful Accident
AngelspitMaking MoneyHideous and Perfect
Odd Girl OutSmalltimoreHurry Up & Wait
Mach FoXDR Night (alt mix)The Sky is Falling
Dragonfly LingoAll RightOffscreen
Left Spine DownReset [sebastian r. komor mix]Voltage 2.3: Remixed & Revisited
GodheadMemorialPower Tool Stigmata
Gospel GossipSpace/TimeDreamland EP

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035 Insert Clever Title Here

This episode is heavy on the Midwestern influence with tracks from Chicago based WTII Records, Minneapolis based 301Studios & Shinto Records, and tracks from Milwaukee's Oncethesun, Minneapolis' Gabriel & the Apocalypse, Thought Thieves and OBCT. Brand new tracks from: Robots in Disguise, Stiff Valentine, Codes of Ashes, Jordan Reyne. Featured track is Dead Angels by VAST. I also discuss Google+, Ladytron's upcoming North American tour and Shinto Records. [Download]

Adrian H and The WoundsCookies and CocaineAdrian H and The Wounds
Robots in DisguiseChainsHappiness v Sadness
Dope Stars Inc.No Life Belongs to YouUltrawired
Thought ThievesRemorseKrista
Codes of AshesReprisalCodes of Ashes
For All the EmptinessSpiteAxioms
VASTDead AngelsCrimson
Gabriel and the ApocalypseHey YouInto the Afterglow
OncetheSunKisses (single version - USA)Kisses (single version - USA)
Jordan ReyneJohnny & the SeaJohnny & the Sea
Stiff ValentineBelieveAmerica Bleeding
AMUL9DNAElevated Beings
The Drowning SeasonKiss and TellWTII Minifest 2
System SynThe Other Side of the WorldThe Mourning Ritual
Gravity EuphoricLivid All AlongGravity Eupohonic
OBCTThieve OnSurvived By
Patricia WakeOh, The Arsenic!I'll Have the Pathos With a Side Of Angst

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034 Reviews From the Road

I spent 10 hours by myself in a car over the holiday weekend and thus, I give you 3 album reviews recorded while on the road. Literally. Skold's Anomie, 16volt's Beating Dead Horses and Dope Stars Inc's Ultrawired. Also brand new music from Jungle Rot and classic Apoptygma Berzerk, Assemblage 23 and Ayria. Featured track: Series of Near Misses by Coach Said Not To. There's a special live track surprise near the end since I made everyone wait a few extra days for this episode. Let me know how you liked the episode and the reviews. [Download]

Apoptygma BerzerkLove Never Dies7 [2002]
16voltBreathing WaterBeating Dead Horses
Skold(This Is My) ElephantAnomie
For All the EmptinessPrayers (demo)TBD
You ShriekGoodbye BerlinSomewhere Between (Heaven & Sorrow)
Jungle RotRise Up & RevoltKill On Command
Assemblage 23DriveDefiance
:wumpscut:ChristfuckWreath of Barbs
AyriaHorrible DreamDebris
The Birthday MassacreLovers EndViolet
Coach Said Not ToSeries of Near MissesCoach Said Not To E.P.
The RopeThe SilenceThe Rope
Killing JokeThe Great CullAbsolute Dissent
Julien-KDeath to AnalogDeath To Analog
IAMXGhosts of UtopiaVolatile Times
GarbageStupid GirlLive in Reading 98
Ego LikenessNow Until Forever [AimOniA remix]WTII Minifest 2

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033 Turn On Your Brain Baby

I've had quite a bit of music stocked up and waiting to play for you. This episode is more on the rock side than normal. On this episode: featured / "That's What I Like About You" track is "Our Lives of Venom" by The Sky & the Execution, moving my music blog to Tumblr, what Sexpod's lead singer Karyn Kuhl is up to, physical release of VTG's Dance Floor Game, the return of DJ Parallax, and find out what's the weirdest song in my music collection. [Download]

Sensuous EnemyIntentionsParity
Society BurningExlieInternal Combustion
Left Spine DownShe's Lost ControlVoltage 2.3: Remixed & Revisited
The Echoing GreenBattered and BruisedIn Scarlet and Vile
The Mission VeoFuschiaThe Mission Veo
The Sky & the ExecutionOur Lives of Venom..And We Choke Down the Eucharist of Venom
Gospel GossipRainbow MagicalSing Into My Mouth
SexpodFoot on the GasHome
SnogTurn On Your Brain Baby (Oleg Kostrow Remix)The Kings of Hate
CovenantLightbringerModern Ruin
Jungle RotTheir Finest HourKill On Command
Lords of AcidThe Most Wonderful GirlLust
VTGI Can't Breathe'Dance Floor Game
DistaudioWhat's In It For Me?Milieu Control
Makaras PenNovemberTBD

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032 I'd Like Some Violin with My Beats, Please

I'm a violinist and lately I've been playing more than usual, so I thought it would be fun to do a show that features my main instrument, the violin. All songs on this episode have violin parts, but most of the tracks I've chosen are more up tempo or rock oriented rather than quite and contemplative. This set list most certainly won't be lulling you to sleep. I also unveil a brand new segment tentatively titled "That's What I Like About You". During this segment, I introduce Panzer AG song "When I Am You" and give my take on what's really cool musically about this song. [Download]

Emilie AutumnOpheliacOpheliac
Juno ReactorWardogsLabryinth
Depeche ModeOne CaressSongs of Faith and Devotion
Jordan ReyneWiltBirds of Prey
GarbageCup of CoffeeLive from Tokyo 2002-02-09
Abney ParkSleep IsabellaLost Horizons
Faith And The MuseCantusAnnwyn, Beneath The Waves
LunicYellow RoseSkeletons
The DreamingDisconnected (acoustic)Dreamo EP
Panzer AGWhen I Am YouYour World is Burning
Bella KoshkaPendulum RoadDeception Island
Mankind is ObsoletePassing ThroughTrapped Inside
Jenny DaltonLooted FiresRusalka's Umbrella
Violet WinterFind a Way (feat. Malik Yusef)Violet Winter
IAMXOh Beautiful TownVolatile Times

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031 Run for Cover

There's a bunch of new and new to me music right alongside a few old classics on this episode. Hear new IAMX, Minneapolis' Gabriel and the Apocalypse and Static Image, a brand new SMP track, new to me Australian band distaudio, classic Godhead from their first out of print album, classic Gravity Kills and just to keep you on your toes, some Sleater-Kinney from their excellent album, Dig Me Out and Conjure One featuring Free Dominguez of Kidneythieves. Wow that's a long run-on sentence. Enjoy! [Download]

IAMXMusic PeopleVolatile Times
Nine Inch NailsHead DownThe Slip
Sleater-KinneyOne More HourDig Me Out
SMPThe Knife (64K Mix)TBA
CelldwellerTaintedWish Upon a Blackstar Volume 3
Local HMichelle (Again)12 Angry Months
DistaudioSubmitMilieu Control
PeachesI'm the KindaFatherfucker
Conjure OneRun For CoverExilarch
Gabriel and the ApocalypseLike GodTBA
Shirley Manson & Serj TankianThe HungerThe Hunger - Single
Binary ParkWelcome HomeWorlds Collide [Album]
GodheadTake the HateNothingness
Gravity KillsDownGravity Kills
SoulchasmMy Facade (Empty Remix)Surge & Subside: Queensland Flood Appeal
Static ImageRegardlessRegardless of Image

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030 Concerts Galore and Why Minnesota Music is Awsome

Back to a normal show format and this time the focus is on live music. Minnesota music is awsome and I have the evidence to prove it. On this episode, you'll hear double shots of three Twin Cities bands who recently played a show together - I love spreading the word about about what's going on in the Twin Cities. Also, lots of concert news also on this episode, as concert season is upon us, and an announcement about Goth Prom 8 happening May 23 at The Saloon in Minneapolis. [Download]

Funeral & the TwilightStrong ForkThe Cross of St. Peter
Funeral & the TwilightFor Only Tonight, The Last NightTo Kill You
The RopeWater to WineThe Rope
The RopePoison PillThe Rope
Thought ThievesKristaKrista EP
Thought ThievesAll I PretendAll I Pretend EP
I:ScintillaFace the KillLive at Club Inferno, Madison, 2011-04-23
Sensuous EnemyWhispersFragments
CombichristThis Sh*t Will Fuck You UpWhat the F**k is Wrong With You People?
Sleigh BellsRill RillTreats
Front Line AssemblyDead PlanetEpitaph
CyanoticProgrammedThe Medication Generation
DJ? AcucrackLoudmouth (RMX)Cracknation: Escape from Earth
Faith & the MuseFailure to ThriveThe Burning Season

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029 Judgment Day

According Cameron Phillips in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, "The Skynet missile defense system goes online April 19, 2011. Declares war on mankind and triggers a nuclear apocalypse two days later." This is a special Judgment Day edition of Aztalan Turf Podcast featuring music with an end of the world theme and sound bytes from The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Special guest Roxy Bisquaint from has a special announcement for all Sarah Connor Chronicles fans. Music from Cyanotic, Cwn Annwn, Psy'Aviah, Killing Joke, Nine Inch Nails, Ladytron, Assemblage 23, Concrete Blonde and more. [Download]

Nine Inch NailsThe Day the World Went AwayThe Fragile
Cwn AnnwnRed SunriseThe Alpha and the Omega
theSTARTCities in DustB-Sides
Mankind is ObsoleteThe RaptureMetamorph
Psy'AviahKeep Hope AliveEclectric
DupontEntering the Ice AgeElectronic Body Matrix vol. 1
Concrete BlondeThe Sky is a Poisonous GardenBloodletting - 20th Anniversary Edition (Remastered)
Killing JokeFresh Fever From the SkiesAbsolute Dissent
R.E.M.It's the End of the World (As We Know It)Eponymous
AyriaMy Revenge on the WorldFlicker
Left Spine DownLast DazeSmartbomb EP
Assemblage 23The Cruelest YearCompass
Patricia WakePeaceful ShoresElectronic Saviors vol 1
CyanoticSentientThe Medication Generation
I:ScintillaDying & FallingDying & Falling
The EpoxiesMy New WorldMy New World
VNV NationTomorrow Never ComesOf Faith, Power and Glory
LadytronThe Last One StandingWitching Hour
CelldwellerWelcome to the EndCelldweller
Bear McCrearyEnd CreditsTerminator: The Sarah
Connor Chronicles OST

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028 Featured Artist & Interview: You Shriek

Raziel Panic of Boston-based You Shriek discusses new album Somewhere Between (Heaven & Sorrow), songs No Heroes and Lilith in Libra, working with Cellmod, Rock Band, the loudness war, deconstructing songs with multi-track files, vocal stacks and harmonies, the often overlooked and forgotten bass and more. Also on this episode: brand new IAMX - is that Hungarian Minor I hear?, Minneapolis band as|of, brand new Binary Park, a live track from Concrete Blonde and an announcement. [Download]

Conjure OneLike IceExilarch
Junk CircuitBela Lugosi's DeadUniversalRepublic
You ShriekConcerning Life SupportSomewhere Between (Heaven & Sorrow)
You ShriekGoodbye Berlin (Cellmod Mix)Heaven & Sorrow Ex Post Facto
You ShriekNo HeroesSomewhere Between (Heaven & Sorrow)
You ShriekLilith in LibraSomewhere Between (Heaven & Sorrow)
You ShriekDaggersSomewhere Between (Heaven & Sorrow)
You ShriekHeaven & Sorrow ISomewhere Between (Heaven & Sorrow)
as|ofBury Itas|of
Binary ParkWorlds CollideWorlds Collide [Album]
IAMXBernadetteVolatile Times
Concrete BlondeTomorrow, Wendy [Live]Bloodletting

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027 A Little Bit of This & a Little Bit of That

New IAMX, classic Thrill Kill Kult, a pair of tracks from the Surge & Subside compilation and a little bit of this and a little bit of that. [Download]

Front Line AssemblyShifting Through The LensImprovised.Electronic.Device
Nine Inch NailsHead Like a Hole [Remastered]Pretty Hate Machine
PeachesDownTownImpeach My Bush
Sleigh BellsRiot RhythmTreats
Oh SoNeverAll I Ever Wanted
PortlandStalking and FreeThe Eyes of a Stranger
AngelspitCold Hard CashSurge & Subside: Queensland Flood Appeal
Android LustGod in the HoleSurge & Subside: Queensland Flood Appeal
IrisImposter (ThouShaltNot Remix)Electronic Saviors, vol. 1
IAMXFire and WhispersVolatile Times
Shiv-rOpen My VeinHold My Hand
White Knuckle TripStill LifeRefusing Places Seen
Unit:187The WaitOut For Blood
My Life With
The Thrill Kill Kult
Shock Point 6Kooler Than Jesus
CelldwellerWelcome to the EndCelldweller

Other Links

026 All Work and No Play

It's a massively large episode to make up for the 1 week delay due to work and I think it's a good one at that. I'm very excited about the new Shirley Manson & Serj Tankian song that was released on the 1st and there are lots of other goodies in store with an extremely broad range of music. You'll also notice that I made a real intro for the show. Let me know what you think! [Download]

Emilie AutumnDead is the New AliveOpheliac
ChantRevoltStrong Words for Strong People
Killing JokeEuropean Super StateAbsolute Dissent
Alice in VideolandSpaceshipA Million Thoughts and They're All About You
:wumpscut:Dr. ThodtWreath of Barbs
Local HCooler HeadsThe No Fun EP
VASTThrown AwayTurquoise & Crimson
Robots in DisguiseThe Sex Has Made Me StupidWe're in the Music Biz
Psy'AviahInto the Game (Signal Aout 42 Mix)Electronic Body Matrix vol. 1
Militant Cheerleaders on the MoveNeuropaStrike One
MeshWant YouA Perfect Solution
Mach FoXWaste the RightThe Sky Is Falling
Skinny PupppyPro-TestThe Greater Wrong of the Right
Sneaker PimpsThe FuelBloodsport
The Dark ClanMaybe You'll Fall (feat. Patricia Wake)Fade/Dance Magic Dance
Shirley Manson & Serj TankianThe HungerThe Hunger - Single
VNV NationStandingBurning Empires
VTGI Am OneDance Floor Game
Carbon 12Burning Down the HouseVery Harsh Frequencies
Sleater-KinneyCall the DoctorCall the Doctor
The DreamingSolo CrucifixionPre-Op
Depeche ModeBarrel of a GunUltra
Conjure OneMake a WishConjure One
theSTARTSin OriginalB-sides

Other Links

025 It's Radioactive!

Back to a regular show format this time. I've had a lot of new music stocked up and ready to play for you. If you like guitars with your electronics, you'll love this set list. I feature quite a few artists on independent label Radio Active Music. Also, more tour info for Lords of Acid/Angelspit, Legends of Synthpop featuring Mesh, De/Vision and Iris and a show announcment for I:Scintilla. [Download]

The Dark ClanSavages in Suits (feat. Lane Ellen)Fade/Dance Magic Dance
for all the emptinessI DieDemo
Corporate SoldiersGive It To You (feat. Ayria)Give It To You (feat. Ayria) - Single
Violet WinterLiving A LieViolet Winter
RoughhausenDirty Little SecretSomeones Got To Pay
Lords of AcidPussyOur Little Secret
RotersandWaiting To Be BornElectronic Body Matrix vol. 1
Circus of Dead SquirrelsWhat We DeserveOperation Satan
My Enemy CompleteResistorMy Enemy Complete
AngelspitFuck the RevolutionHideous and Perfect
Society BurningThe Monster Under Your BedInternal Combustion
De/VisionLiving Fast Dying YoungN00b
I:ScintillaSwimmers Can DrownDying & Falling
Third RealmBullet Proof SoulRomantic Death
KidneythievesTears On A Page Live AcousticTrypt0fanatic

Other Links

024 Featured Artist & Interview: VTG

Lawrence Stone of VTG and I chat about VTG's new album, Dance Floor Game, songwriting, his record label 3am Devices, t-shirts and Kickstarter. Also featuring music by Corporate Soldiers, Mesh, Killing Joke, Unit:187 and more! Tour news for Mesh/De/Vision/Iris, Lords of Acid and Conjure One. [Download]

Killing JokeAbsolute DissentAbsolute Dissent
Sleigh BellsInfinity GuitarsTreats
Unit:187Rolling VenganceOut For Blood
Corporate SoldiersTiredTBD
MeshHold It TogetherA Perfect Solution
RhombusTimeless And ElegantAnywhere
VTG (background)DrunkSo Beautiful People Look Away
VTGKeep Dancing And Shut UpDance Floor Game
VTG (background)Letting GoSo Beautiful People Look Away
VTG (background)The EndSo Beautiful People Look Away
VTGInfectionLove Is Letting Go
VTG (background)After It AllSo Beautiful People Look Away
VTG (background)It's A ShameSo Beautiful People Look Away
VTGClean Me OutLove Is Letting Go
VTG (background)GoodbyeLove Is Letting Go
VTG (background)YouLove Is Letting Go
VTGNail GunDance Floor Game
VTG (background)She Kills MeLove Is Letting Go
VTGI Lie PrettyLove Is Letting Go
Conjure OneEndless DreamExtraordinary Ways

Other Links

023 Featured Artist & Interview: Cwn Annwn

Minneapolis metal band Cwn Annwn talks about their new album, The Alpha and the Omega, their CD release show on January 22, their track in Wii's Triple Crown Snowboarding, Angry Birds and cheap flights. They also brought along some music from area bands Gracepoint, Hatebeast and The Pimps to share with us. Also on this episode is a world premier remix by VTG of The Carousel by Minneapolis electro-punk artist Mach FoX and a couple other tracks from some of my favorite local artists. [Download]

ThosquantaMonsterIn Vitro Mutilation
Cwn AnnwnThe Alpha and the OmegaThe Alpha and the Omega
Cwn AnnwnI Used to Give a DamnThe Method of Murder
The PimpsA Lotta People Say A Lotta Things About Hawaii**** This **** We're Outta Here
Hate BeastImmortal SoulBlade Swings Down
Cwn AnnwnNovaThe Alpha and the Omega
Cwn AnnwnCircles of JerichoThe Alpha and the Omega
Cwn AnnwnCalypsoBlood of the Djinn
ThiraStasisFires Ungoverned
Bella KoshkaPaper GhostsDeception Island
Mach FoXThe Carousel (VTG Mix) *EXCLUSIVE PREMIER* 
SkirtThis PlaneHeartbeat. A Flameout.

Other Links

022 My 2010 In Music

I take a look back at some of the music that defined 2010 for me personally. Some tracks were released in 2010, some tracks are from bands that were new to me in 2010 and some tracks were chosen because they define a memorable time for me. Thanks go out to everyone who helped during 2010 in any way with the creation of the show... from listening to spreading the word to sending feedback to joining me for an interview to creating amazing music and everything in between. I look forward to even better things in 2011. [Download]

Society BurningNausea ad NauseamInternal Combustion
I:ScintillaWorth The WaitDying & Falling
You ShriekLilith In LibraSomewhere Between (Heaven & Sorrow)
CyanoticAlt Machine [Edit]The Medication Generation
The EpoxiesProductsMy New World
CrocodileTwo Other NumbersThe Great Depression
CellmodCRISIS (Shiv-R Remix)Adevolve
TerrorfaktPainkillerElectronic Saviors, vol. 1
Faith And The MuseThe Burning SeasonThe Burning Season
And OneRearming StrafbomberFrontfeuer
The Sky & The ExecutionThe Redeeming Value of Knives...And We Choke Down The Eucharist Of Venom
Unter NullMoving OnMoving On
Makaras PenPromisesMakaras Pen
Mankind Is ObsoletePrayerRise
Circus of Dead SquirrelsE. Coli SurpriseOperation Satan
My Life With The Thrill Kill KultA Daisy Chain For SatanConfessions Of A Knife
AyriaIn Your RoomAlfa Matrix Re:Covered -
A Tribute To Depeche Mode
You're PrettyOnce Upon A Time... The EndYou're Pretty
Best Friends Forever2081Best Friends Forever (Remastered)

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021 Show Me Something Real

Brand new Psy'Aviah (feat. Ayria), classic Front Line Assembly, a Christmas cover song from Crocodile, Mach FoX's new EP and a look at what 2011 will bring us. Happy Holidays! [Download]

DeconbrioHypocrite [Hypo-Glitch Mix by Cyanotic] Gears Gone Wild Spring Break Edition
You're PrettySomething RealBeautiful Accident
Psy'Aviah Feat. AyriaInto The GameEclectric
System SynI Am HereThe Mourning Ritual
Neon ZooDarkest DanceHeaven Sin
PoeAngry Johnny (Band Version)Angry Johnny
SexpodCircle Of SilverHome
theSTARTChristian, ChristianInitiation
Local HWhite Belt Boys12 Angry Months
Front Line AssemblyDon't Trust AnyoneImplode
The Prep School TragedyHate Everything I Do
[The Glitch Mode Mix by Cyanotic]
Gears Gone Wild Spring Break Edition
The Chinese StarsRabbit FaceHeaven On Speed Dial
Angels & AgonyStrongholdAvatar
Assemblage 23ImpermanenceCompass
Stabbing WestwardSlipping AwayWither Blister Burn & Peel
CrocodileBirthday BoyChecking It Twice - The 2010
Nice People Holiday Companion

Other Links

020 It's a NIN Sandwich!

It's a NIN sandwich! I start and end the show with tracks from the newly remastered Pretty Hate Machine. This episode tends toward the aggressive and industrial-rock side of things but of course there's a mix, as usual. I discuss the song Sober by Lunic at length, Fabryka Magazine and their latest podcast, and two groups I've recently been involved with - the Department of Evil and Kilted Farmer Presents. As always, if you like what you hear, please support the bands and buy their music. [Download]

Nine Inch NailsGet Down, Make Love [Remastered]Pretty Hate Machine
Roxy Epoxy And The ReboundDependence Leads Your FutureBandaids On Bullet Holes
16voltSomebody To Hate [Hate Hegel Mix by Cyanotic feat. Jamie Duffy]Gears Gone Wild Spring Break Edition
Mankind Is ObsoletePuppetRise
Mach FoXThe CarouselThe Sky Is Falling
Psy'AviahSomething EvilEclectric
KMFDMBait & SwitchBlitz
U-TekDer AutomatistDas Mass der Dinge
ModulateSkullfuckSkullfuck EP
KidneythievesTears On A PageTrypt0fanatic
StreakBeneathBreak Away
Kill Miss PrettyEl GatoPermission For Strange
Militant Cheerleaders On The MoveWarStrike One
The EvolutionariesRecombination (Living Dead Mix)RockAndRollKilledByComputers
Nine Inch NailsSomething I Can Never Have [Remastered]Pretty Hate Machine

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Episode 019 Featured Artist & Interview: I:Scintilla

Jim Cookas and Brittany Bindrim of I:Scintilla talk about I:Scintilla's new album, Dying & Falling, the band's upcoming project, the Chicago electronic music scene, a possible show in Minneapolis and much more! If you like what you hear, please purchase some copies of the band's work. I highly recommend the 2-CD versions of both Dying & Falling and Optics, which are available from the band direct (North America) or from the usual (legal) places. Also on this episode, brand new Ivardensphere and a track from the newly released Gears Gone Wild Spring Break Edition. [Download]

CellmodRadio SexAdevolve
KidneythievesFreeky PeopleTrypt0fanatic
IvardensphereA Sign Of Things To ComeBloodwater
XP8EklypseThe Art Of Revenge
I:Scintilla (background)Capsella Bursa PastorisThe Approach
I:Scintilla (background)Worth The WaitDying & Falling
I:ScintillaDying & FallingDying & Falling
I:Scintilla (background)I Want It All (Essence Of Mind Mix)Resuscitation
I:ScintillaTranslate (Acoustic)Live At Dragon*CON
I:Scintilla (background)The Bells (Ego Likeness Mix)Optics Disc 2
I:Scintilla (background)Machine VisionOptics
I:ScintillaI Want It AllResuscitation
I:Scintilla (background)Cursive EveOptics
I:ScintillaOmenDying & Falling
I:Scintilla (background)MothershipDying & Falling
I:Scintilla (background)HollowedResuscitation
Everything Goes ColdBitch Stole My Time Machine
[Cyanotic vs Ad-ver-sary Mix]
Gears Gone Wild Spring Break
MarazeneBete NoiReMachiNation
PortlandSecrets DieThe Eyes Of A Stranger
CollideTongue Tied & Twisted Two Headed Monster

Other Links

Episode 018 We Are Dying, We Are Falling...

Tune in for some big news from Garbage, yet another brand new I:Scintilla track (my favorite from the new album), I announce the winners of the I:Scintilla Dying & Falling contest and I have an announcement for episode 19. Where else but Aztalan Turf can you hear music by electronic rock band Celldweller, death metal band Jungle Rot and folky-indie-alternative-pop artist Jenny Dalton all right next to each other in the very same set? [Download]

Cwn AnnwnThe DjinnIt's Too Damn Loud!!!
And OneA Kind Of DeutschFrontfeuer
Apoptygma BerzerkSuffer In SilenceHarmonizer
ContainerFor The Last TimeNeo
You ShriekMajor Tom (Heard You Calling)Unreal Cities
Garbage (with Aimee Echo)Only Happy When It RainsLive In Las Vegas 2005
GarbageBetchaTell Me Where It Hurts
CelldwellerStay With Me (Unlikely)The Woods
Jungle RotMisplaced AngerDead And Buried
Jenny DaltonAlionushkaRusalka's Umbrella
I:ScintillaDying & FallingDying & Falling
Leaether StripCarry MeCarry Me
Front 242Headhunter V1.0Front By Front
Noblesse ObligeBeck And CallThe Great Electrifier/Beck And Call
Mesmer's EyesStrippedAlfa Matrix Re:Covered -
A Tribute To Depeche Mode

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Episode 017 Featured Artist & Interview: Makaras Pen

I'm pleased to present an interview with indie rock/shoegaze band Makaras Pen on this episode. We discuss the self-titled debut album, their songwriting process, music sales, music theory - how much is too much?, gear, the details behind a few of their songs, videos and hear a brand new, unreleased song. Don't forget the I:Scintilla Dying & Falling contest runs through November 5. Tweet to enter and win a standard edition copy of Dying & Falling. (Contest now closed.) [Download]

I:ScintillaShatteredDying & Falling
IAMXPresidentThe Alternative
gODHEADKeep Me DownEvolver
ChantNeedStrong Words for Strong People
FilterI Keep Flowers AroundAnthems for the Damned
Makaras PenIntro, Songwriting ProcessInterview
Makaras PenNew BeginningsMakaras Pen
Makaras PenDebut Album, Music Biz, CurrentsInterview
Makaras PenCurrentsMakaras Pen
Makaras PenVideos, Falling DeeperInterview
Makaras PenFalling DeeperMakaras Pen
Makaras PenEmotional Response,
Influences, METAL \m/
Makaras PensixfouronezeroUnreleased
Makaras PenGear, Music Theory, Sign OffInterview
Cattle DecapitationA Body FarmThe Harvest Floor
The DreamingSticks & StonesEtched in Blood
Written in Ashes(When I) KnewEpiphany
Dragonfly LingoSensor TechnologiesOffscreen
Lady DevSomething I Can Never

Other Links

Episode 016 They Said This Will Teach You To Disobey

Tune in to hear a track from I:Scintilla's Dying & Falling, info on the upcoming Combichrist tour, a brand new remix from Kill Miss Pretty, info on Peaches Christ Superstar and lots of great music. This one is on the heavier side, but as always, there's a mix. I'm also running a contest via Twitter for a chance to win a copy of Dying & Falling. Full contest details are on the main page. (Update: Contest is closed.) [Download]

CellmodYou DestroyAdevolve
God ModuleSpookyLet's Go Dark
Julien-KLook At YouDeath To Analog
ThiraBlacklistedFires Ungoverned
TechnoirSilenceDeliberately Fragile
VNV NationTomorrow Never ComesOf Faith, Power and Glory
I:ScintillaSharia Under A Beauty CurseDying & Falling
SkumloveI Am Your GodSongs of Lust and Corrosion
AngelspitVena CavaKrankhaus
RhombusLightning Strikes TwiceOpen The Sky
Kill Miss PrettyJudy Garland Mozart & Friends RMXTBA
RockethouseMoltav CocktailRising Sun
PeachesMudI Feel Cream
CyanoticComadoseThe Medication Generation
theSTARTThe ConversationInitiation

Episode 015 Trick Or Treat?

Halloween is still a month away, but there are a lot of treats for you here in this episode. Tune in to hear a brand new Peter Gabriel cover song by Collide, brand new You Shriek, a set of live music including a song from I:Scintilla's forthcoming album, Dying and Falling and Shirley Manson's latest demo song. I also talk about the Rock Band Network, VTG's Kickstarter campaign, new Minneapolis-St. Paul band Thira, Local H's upcoming covers album and Latex Records. [Download]

CombichristScarredToday We Are All Demons
VTGShe Kills MeLove Is Letting Go
Faith And The MuseSredni VashtarThe Burning Season
Charon ExkadiTanz Am StrickIm Echo der Zeit (request)
Noblesse ObligeThe Great ElectrifierThe Great Electrifier/Beck And Call
Sleater-KinneyRollercoasterThe Woods
You ShriekLilith In LibraSomewhere Between (Heaven & Sorrow)
(feat. Suzi Q. Smith)
MomentsEntertainment Industries
CollideGames Without FrontiersGames Without Frontiers
Front 242Welcome To Paradise (Live)Fxxk The Mainstream: Vol 1
I:ScintillaWorth The WaitLive At Club ?, Milwaukee 2010-07-31
Local HFritz's CornerTaste Of Summer Waukesha
GarbageQueerLive At The Melkweg
Stabbing WestwardWaking Up Beside YouLive Summerfest 6-30-98
ThiraPalindromeFires Ungoverned
Psy'AviahAnger ManagementEclectric
AMUL9Opening Of The MouthElevated Beings
Kill Switch... KlickYour Money, Your PaindeGenerate
Shirley MansonLighten UpUnreleased Demo

Episode 014 Farewell, Amie Street

My favorite digital music store, Amie Street, is closing its doors on September 22 and to say good-bye, I put together this episode of music I bought there over the past two years. Without Amie Street, I would not have discovered many of these artists. [Download]

StreakGroovy BootyBreak Away
Dimension ZeroGod Part IIScythe
Duncan BlackAl CaponeThe Ubiquitous Guitar Mercenary
Anders MangaBad Girls Go To HellLeft Of An All-Time Low
Conjure OneExtraordinary WayExtraordinary Ways
And OneMilitary Fashion ShowBodypop
BabylandYou Will Never Have ItCavecraft
Bella MorteOn The EdgeBleed The Sky Grey
IntrovertInside YouHuman
Deadstar AssemblyUndoneDeadstar Assembly
Mankind Is ObsoleteAngel DiseaseMetamorph
The EpoxiesCrystal ClearMy New World
PeachesTent In You PantsImpeach My Bush
StolSuperReplicatorStol EP
Sub Dub MicromachineLast ResortRabaultz! (request)
Panzer AGWhen I Am YouYour World Is Burning
CrocodileAll You Have To DoHead Over Heels

Episode 013 Lucky Number 13

Back to regular show format this time. New music by Beryl Beloved, Rhombus, Ego Likeness and Makaras Pen. Also: Filter album news, a B-side from theSTART and a live track from one of my all time favorite now-defunct bands. [Download]

VASTBe With MeTurquoise
OfficeWeather MakerThe Ice Tea Boys And The Lemonade Girls
Beryl BelovedFoot Stuck ChildDressed For Burial EP
RhombusOpen The SkyOpen The Sky
My Life With The
Thrill Kill Kult
Out 4 The Kill [beware of god mix]Blood + Dope + Sin + Gold
Ego LikenessBreedlessBreedless
Mankind Is ObsoleteAngel DiseaseMetamorph
The Dark ClanAlles Ist SchonThe Vampire Wore White
Sneaker PimpsSmall town WitchBloodsport
Makaras PenEnvy And LustMakaras Pen
Roxy Epoxy And The Rebound1000Bandaids On Bullet Holes
Left Spine DownLast DazeSmartbomb EP
StrayThe Tie That BindsAbuse By Proxy
theSTARTBe MineB-Sides
FilterSoldiers Of MisfortuneAnthems For The Damned
Stabbing WestwardShameLive From The Pit 1998

Episode 012 Triton Fest and Dragon*CON Performers

A little new music, a little old music, artists performing at the Triton Festival. artists performing at Dragon*CON and new music from Garbage's Shirley Manson. [Download]

Kill Miss PrettyJudy GarlandTBD
Diablo Swing OrchestraBalrog BoogieThe Butcher's Ballroom
TERRORFAKTActung!Cold Steel World
Razed In BlackThere Goes My HeadDamaged
Apoptygma BerzerkSomething I Should KnowHarmonizer
Ink Dot BoyThe Red SymphonyThe Red Symphony
System SynThe Isolation Of A RealistThe Mourning Ritual
The CruxshadowsSophia [radio edit]Fxxk The Mainstream Vol. 1
VoltaireCaught A Light SneezeBoo Hoo
I:ScintillaCursive EveOptics
Front Line AssemblyAfterlifeImprovised.Electronic.Device
How To Destroy AngelsFur LinedHow To Destroy Angels
Shiv-RBlood SpatterHold My Hand
Shirley MansonPretty HorsesUnreleasd Demo
Unter NullTear Down The WallsMoving On

Episode 011 Featured Artist & Interview: Crocodile

Derek and Raechel Brown of the Oklahoma City band Crocodile talk about the band, songwriting, SxSW, mosquitos and their new video for Head Over Heels. [Download]

CyanoticEfficacyThe Medication Generation
RhombusLove You 'Til Closing TimeThe Closing Time EP
Sleater-KinneyAll Hands On The Bad OneAll Hands On The Bad One
You ShriekNo HeroesSomewhere Between (Heaven & Sorrow)
CrocodileThe DinosaurThe Great Depression
CrocodileAugust Is OverThe Great Depression
CrocodileSongwriting ProcessInterview
CrocodileHead Over HeelsHead Over Heels
CrocodileWe Speak For EveryoneThe Great Depression
CrocodileOklahoma City, Head Over Heels VideoInterview
CrocodilePageantThe Great Depression
CrocodileOvercoming Challenges, Favorite SongsInterview
CrocodileLinesHead Over Heels
My Life With
The Thrill Kill Kult
Who R U Now?Death Threat
Makaras PenThrough The MirrorMakaras Pen
Front Line AssemblyPressure WaveImprovised.Electronic.Device
AyriaChange (In The House Of Flies)Planet Parkin

Episode 010 One for the Cyborgs

Cyborgs, Judgement Day, faith, time travel, hope... This episode is a collaboration with the One-Two Point podcast and features the music and themes of the Terminator universe. Special guest Roxy Bisquaint from provides an update on what Savethescc has been up to, including an update on the giant mobile billboard set to roam the grounds around San Diego Comic Con. Lots of love went into this episode and I hope you like it. [Download]

Bear McCrearyCromartie In The HospitalTerminator: The Sarah Connor
Chronicles Soundtrack
CyanoticTerminator Theme [Glitch Mode Mix]Unreleased
VNV NationNemesis [divine command version]Fxxk The Mainstream Vol. 1
Apoptygma BerzerkUntil The End Of The WorldHarmonizer
GarbageMetal HeartBleed Like Me
Dead Heart BloomNew MessiahDead Heart Bloom
ImplantDon't Feed The RobotsFxxk The Mainstream Vol. 1
Mankind Is ObsoleteStill Right HereFxxk The Mainstream Vol. 1
Shirley Manson &
Bear McCreary
Samson And DelilahTSCC Soundtrack
Celldweller feat.
Styles of Beyond
The DreamingHollowmanPre-Op EP
LadytronSoft PowerWitching Hour
Robots In DisguiseI Don't Have A GodWe're In The Music Biz
AyriaInfiltrating My Way
Through The System
TechnoirLie To MeAlfa Matrix Re:Covered:
A Tribute to Depeche Mode
Faith And The MuseWhen We Go Dark: ankoku butoh :
Garret Dillahunt, Mackenzie
Smith, Bear McCreary
Donald Where's Your Trousers?Adam Raised A Cain
gODHEADYour End Of DaysThe Shadow Line
Nine Inch NailsIn This TwilightYear Zero
Bear McCrearyTerminator: The Sarah Connor
Chronicles End Credits
TSCC Soundtrack

Episode 009 July July: New Music and New Artists

Lots of new and (probably) new to you music on this episode. I wanted to get some bands in the mix that I hadn't played before. You'll hear brand new Cyanotic, tour news for Ink Dot Boy, Crunch Pod news, tracks from Shiv-R and Manufactura that sample HBO's Rome, and I:Scintilla's Depeche Mode cover. [Download]

Ink Dot BoyOnce In Romania (MR: 256)Beautiful Murder
Patricia WakePeaceful ShoresElectronic Saviors
Lords Of AcidHey Ho!Lust
Croc ShopThree More TimesSEA
Best Friends ForeverJuly JulyBest Friends Forever
ManufacturaCasting The Infernal CurseAs They Drown In Their Lies
Shiv-rOpen My VeinHold My Hand
IAMXThink Of EnglandKingdom Of Welcome Addiction
The Sky & The ExecutionThe Redeeming Value Of Knives...And We Choke Down
The Eucharist Of Venom
CyanoticAlt Machine [Edit]The Medication Generation
De/VisionRage (Radio Cut)Rage/Time To Be Alive
Makaras PenCurrentsMakaras Pen
I:ScintillaI Want It AllAlfa Matrix Re:Covered:
A Tribute to Depeche Mode

Other Links

Episode 008 Concerts, concerts, concerts!

Reviews for the Deftones and Ayria / Project Pitchfork, why Ayria is super awsome, summer tour updates, Milwaukee's Summerfest and a set list that will keep you on your toes. [Download]

AyriaDisease (Armageddon Dildos Mix)Debris Ltd. Edition
Anders MangaTaste of EuphoriaBlood Lush
Empire State HumanCameraAudio Gothic
CrocodileHead Over HeelsHead Over Heels
Bella KoshkaMatineeDeception Island
Garbage#1 CrushVow
DeftonesMy Own Summer (Shove It)Around The Fur
Virgins O.R. PigeonsPeople Are PeopleAlfa Matrix Re:Covered:
A Tribute to Depeche Mode
SnogKing Of HateKings Of Hate
HoleMiss WorldGirl with the Most Cake
April 24, 1995, Amsterdam
Project PitchforkBehind The FogTrialog
Lords Of AcidI Must Increase My BustLust
My Life With
The Thrill Kill Kult
Devil BunniesKooler Than Jesus
Bow Down EverGoodbyeElectronic Saviors

Other Links

Episode 007 Featured Artist: theSTART

You'll get a full introduction to LA band theSTART. I talk about my experiences seeing them live, including seeing them live in Minneapolis the day of the tragic 35W Bridge collapse. Also: music from Trent Reznor's new project How to Destroy Angels, Jungle Rot tour dates, and a textbook example of how a cover song should be done. Don't forget to support the artists making this great music! [Download]

How To Destroy AngelsThe Space In BetweenHow To Destroy Angels
PeachesMommy ComplexI Feel Cream
Best Friends ForeverTour MagicRomance Conflict Adventure (DTAS)
Jungle RotSymbols Of HateFueled By Hate
BabylandYou Will Never Have ItCavecraft
VTGI Lie PrettyLove Is Letting Go
Bat For LashesWhat's A Girl To DoGive. Listen. Help.
CollideCreepThese Eyes Before
theSTARTIntroFeatured Artist
theSTARTWartime, It's Time
To Go Now
Ciao, Baby
theSTARTAll Or NothingInitiation
theSTARTSegment 2Featured Artist
theSTARTHer SongShakedown!
theSTARTDeath Via SatelliteDeath Via Satellite
theSTARTSegment 3Featured Artist
theSTARTLike DaysInitiation
theSTARTSin OriginalB-Sides

Other Links

Episode 006 I Got A Crush For The Freaky One

No featured artist or theme, just what I think is some great music. Also: news on I:Scintilla's new album, concert info for I:Scintilla and The Dreaming, info on IAMX's new reworks and remixes album, and a brief discussion on Klank's new release NUMB...Reborn. [Download]

Juno ReactorPistoleroShango
Sneaker PimpsSickBloodsport
Panzer AGMachinegun GoGoYour World Is Burning
CombichristCan't Change The BeatToday We Are All Demons
Bella MorteThe End AheadBleed The Grey Sky Black
The DreamingMake It Go AwayEtched In Blood
Project PitchforkBehind The FogTrialog
I:ScintillaFrom A Wasteland To A DreamElectronic Saviors
System SynBlood (2009 Edit)Electronic Saviors
IAMXTear Garden (Unfall Art Deco)Dogmatic Infidel Comedown OK
VASTIf You Are In HeavenA Complete Demonstration
KlankBleed Me DryNumb
DeftonesDigital BathWhite Pony
Velvet Acid ChristFaithlessThe Art Of Breaking Apart

Other Links

Episode 005 2 For 1's

Because one song just isn't enough...This episode features all 2 for 1's by each artist. I jump between genres a fair amount on this show, so don't say I didn't warn you. I review the Minneapolis Assemblage 23 show from May 5 and also discuss Ayria's song dissection project and Jungle Rot's new video. Enjoy the ride. [Download]

Roxy Epoxy And The ReboundWallsBandaids On Bullet Holes
Roxy Epoxy And The ReboundNew WayBandaids On Bullet Holes
Faith And The MuseBattle Hymn: ankoku butoh :
Faith And The MuseThe Silver CircleAnnwyn, Beneath The Waves
Jungle RotKilling SpreeWar Zone
Jungle RotWorst Case ScenarioWorst Case Scenario
JohnnyrookEaseBetween Love And Loss
JohnnyrookBlow Up The Outside WorldBlack Days: Midwest Movement
Tribute to Soundgarden
AyriaMy Revenge On The WorldFlicker
AyriaInvisibleHearts For Bullets
16voltThings UnkindElectronic Saviors
16voltKeep SleepingSuperCoolNothing
Assemblage 23DisappointFailure
Assemblage 23AliveCompass
Cattle DecapitationMauledHomovore
Cattle DecapitationMolest/DigestedHomovore

Other Links

Episode 004 FCC Violation Show

The novelty of Internet broadcasting hasn't quite worn off and I've created a show I could have never played in my radio days. Every song includes at least one of the 7 Words You Can Never Say on Television. Also on this episode: a review of Faith and the Muse in Minneapolis, some current and upcoming tour info for Assemblage 23, Cattle Decapitation, Ayria and Project Pitchfork, and Unter Null and Cyanotic. [Download]

And OneMaster MasterFrontfeuer
Combichrist5am (After Party)What The Fuck Is Wrong
With You People?
CombichristWhat The Fuck Is Wrong With You?What The Fuck Is Wrong
With You People?
KMFDMPeople Of The LieBlitz
gODHEADFucked UpPower Tool Stigmata
The DreamingDead To MeEtched In Blood
Razed In BlackMasterSacrificed
PeachesFuck The Pain AwayTeaches Of Peaches
theSTARTThe 1234Death Via Satellite
Big Fuckin SkullJacob's Fuckin SkullSix Skulls Against The World
Coach Said Not ToSaint ChapelleCoach Said Not To
The Prairie CartelFuck Yea, That Wide 
Jon CrosbyGenericaGenerica III
Lords Of AcidI Sit On AcidLust
MarazenegiVe (SkumF***erz)MachiNation
Nine Inch NailsThe Only TimePretty Hate Machine
Stabbing WestwardViolent Mood SwingsLive At Summerfest 2001

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Episode 003 Featured Artist: You're Pretty

We're bringing back the rock on this episode, but the electronic afficianados need not worry - there's a little something here for you, too. Featured artist is rock/goth band You're Pretty from Milwaukee. [Download]

Apoptygma BerzerkKathy's SongWelcome To Earth
Duncan BlackBanjo JamThe Fabulous Guitar Mercenary
SkirtThe CriticHeartbeat: A Flameout
OfficeSticky DewMecca
Porcupine TreeStrip The SoulIn Absentia
Nine Inch NailsDisciplineThe Slip
VASTBruiseTurquoise & Crimson
Sleater-KinneyLight Rail CoyoteOne Beat
Imperative ReactionGiving In To The Change
(Assemblage 23 Mix)
Electronic Saviors
You're PrettyIntroFeatured Artist
You're PrettyLittle Too LongYou're Pretty
You're PrettySegment 2Featured Artist
You're PrettyWorst Of MeThe 161 EP
You're PrettyNo More To Be SaidThe 161 EP
You're PrettySegment 3Featured Artist
You're PrettyBreakthrough Or BreakdownBeautiful Accident
You're PrettyNot Coming DownBeautiful Accident
You're PrettySegment 4Featured Artist
You're PrettyLetting GoBeautiful Accident

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Episode 002 Featured Artist: IAMX

IAMX is our first victim...I mean our first featured artist. Music on this episode is mostly electronic in nature. [Download]

AyriaBad ListHearts For Bullets
CollideA Little Too MuchTwo Headed Monster
gODHEADFar Too LongEvolver
CrocodileThe DinosaurThe Great Depression
CombichristNose PadElectronic Saviors
Jenny Dalton Vs. Hugo VarvoglisCadenceCarbon Lily Remixes
IAMXIntroFeatured Artist
IAMXKiss + SwallowLive In Warsaw
IAMXSpit It OutLive In Warsaw
IAMXThis Will Make You Love AgainThe Alternative
IAMXSegment 2Featured Artist
IAMXTear GardenKingdom Of Welcome Addiction
IAMXYou Can Be HappyKingdom Of Welcome Addiction
IAMXSegment 3Featured Artist
Robots In DisguiseThe TearsWe're In The Music Biz

Episode 001 The Pilot

It's been 7 years since I stopped doing my radio show and this podcast has been at least a year in the making. Now it's finally here - the pilot episode is now available. This should give you an idea of where things will be headed and what kind of music I'll be playing. [Download]

Sleater-KinneyThe FoxThe Woods
(I Don't Give A...Part 2)
I Feel Cream
VASTDead AngelsTurquoise & Crimson
CelldwellerStay With Me (Unlikely)Celldweller
I:ScintillaAmmunitionPrey On You EP
Local HHands On The Bible99-00 Dmeos
GarbageApril TenthShut Your Mouth
Best Friends ForeverEisenhower Is The FatherRomance Conflict Adventure (DTAS)
Coach Said Not ToTongue In CheekSXSW 2006 Showcasing Artist
The DreamingPuppetPre-Op
Bat For LashesGlass (Live)RCRD Exclusive
VNV NationFurtherBurning Empires
theSTARTAll I Ever WantedB-Sides
Velvet Acid ChristThe Art Of Breaking ApartThe Art Of Breaking Apart
IAMXThe Great Shipwreck Of LifeKingdom Of Welcome Addiction