Ep 19 | Featured Artist & Interview: I:Scintilla

Photo: www.iscintilla.com

November 21, 2010

Jim Cookas and Brittany Bindrim of I:Scintilla talk about I:Scintilla's new album, Dying & Falling, the band's upcoming project, the Chicago electronic music scene, a possible show in Minneapolis and much more! If you like what you hear, please purchase some copies of the band's work. I highly recommend the 2-CD versions of both Dying & Falling and Optics, which are available from the band direct (North America) or from the usual (legal) places.

Also on this episode, brand new Ivardensphere and a track from the newly released Gears Gone Wild Spring Break Edition.

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CellmodRadio SexAdevolve
KidneythievesFreeky PeopleTrypt0fanatic
IvardensphereA Sign Of Things To ComeBloodwater
XP8EklypseThe Art Of Revenge
I:Scintilla (background)Capsella Bursa PastorisThe Approach
I:Scintilla (background)Worth The WaitDying & Falling
I:ScintillaDying & FallingDying & Falling
I:Scintilla (background)I Want It All (Essence Of Mind Mix)Resuscitation
I:ScintillaTranslate (Acoustic)Live At Dragon*CON
I:Scintilla (background)The Bells (Ego Likeness Mix)Optics Disc 2
I:Scintilla (background)Machine VisionOptics
I:ScintillaI Want It AllResuscitation
I:Scintilla (background)Cursive EveOptics
I:ScintillaOmenDying & Falling
I:Scintilla (background)MothershipDying & Falling
I:Scintilla (background)HollowedResuscitation
Everything Goes ColdBitch Stole My Time Machine
[Cyanotic vs Ad-ver-sary Mix]
Gears Gone Wild Spring Break
MarazeneBete NoiReMachiNation
PortlandSecrets DieThe Eyes Of A Stranger
CollideTongue Tied & Twisted Two Headed Monster

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